Indonesia Tour Package To Komodo Island Flores Island Waerebo Kelimutu

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Flores Tour, Komodo Tour, Wae Rebo Tour, Kelimutu Tour

Are you looking for Indonesia tour packages to Komodo Island, Flores Island, Wae rebo village and Kelimutu Lakes ? Nusa Flores Travel is the Answer. Nusa Fores Travel is local tour operator /tour agency /tour and travel based in Flores Island Indonesia. Launced on 2016, we arrange tour of Komodo Island, Flores Island includes best and cheap price. This website of tour will show you Nusa Flores Travel tours of Indonesia Tour Package to Komodo Island Tour, Flores Island, Wae Rebo village, Flores Komodo Tour, and Kelimutu Lakes.

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Komodo Island tour packages not only offer tours to see main attraction that is Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis), There are many interest places can be visited, such as; Rinca Island; Komodo dragon island, Padar Island; best view point of Komodo National Parks, Pink Beach; beautiful underwater site. Beside that there are some small island surrounding KNP can be visited, there are, Karang makasar; manta point, Gili Lawa; best sunset spot, Kanawa Island, Kelor Island, Angel Island etc.


Flores Tour Packages offers infinite nature, culture and adventure exploration for your holiday. Trip can be arranged start from three days, one week or even ten days depending on your available time. Flores Island Tour is and adventure, so leave behind any expectations of high accommodations, modern shoping mall or transportation, as these are all usually very basic.



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