Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Tourism

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has types of sub- Montana ecosystem (750-150 m above sea level) Montana ( 1500 – 2400 meter above sea level ) and sub – alpine (2400 m above sea level and up ) with large hundred – agedtrees and the only conservative arei in Indonesia which have a unique sand sea covering an areas 0f 5250 acre. It lies on ± 2100 above sea level . it was found on the sand sea that there were seven explosion centreswhich crossed each other lying from east- west and nort east – south west.
There are some tourism object around Bromo tengger semeru national park :
bromo tengger semeru national park tourism
Bromo ( Mount Bromo /Gunung Bromo )
Bromo ( 2.393 m above sea level ) taken from Hinduism god name “ Brahma”. The people who live aroung Bromo volcano “ Tengger ethnic. They are from old kingdom in Indonesia, its call Majapahit Kingdom, believe Bromo is holy mountain for them.From the North east – south west direction, stand mount bromo,Bromo is one of the active volcano which can erupt any time and threaten the life of more or less 3.500 people living around this area.
The diameter of mouth Bromo creater is about 800 m, wide (from north to the south ) and more or less 600 meter (from east to west ).Whilst, the ring of dangerous area is 4 km, from the centre of bromo ‘s creater
In ancient era, mount tengger is consisted of two mountain lying closely. They were mount tengger , the highest in java its about 4000 meter above sea level and mount semeru.the mount Bromo horribly erupted twice causing the top of the mountain have a large crater and then some new hills come up forming new mountain which are known as Bromo, batok and north and south seasand. One of the new seven mountain.
Penanjakan ( Bromo sunrise spot )
Penanjakan ( 2.700 m above sea level ) is one of the hill beside of Bromo volcano. Penanjakan also known as main tourist attraction for visitor who visit Bromo Volcano. Before visit Bromo volcano this is the first object must be visited. From this hill visitor can see the beautiful of sunrise and the spectacular landscape of Bromo tengger semeru national park. Visitors who want to visit this hill start by jeep from 4 regencies in the early morning.
After the sun coming up, the lansdscape of semeru volcano ( the highest volcano in Jawa island ), Bromo, mount Batok, Widodaren, Watangan, Bromo seasand and villages around Bromo can be seen from penanjakan.
Bromo Whispering Sand / pasir berbisik
After hike Bromo volcano the tour will be going to continue to Bromo whispering sand. In this places you can see wide seasand, sand hill and pine tree only around, when the win the sand will whisper. This places also popular because there are many people take pre wedding picture and there is the Indonesian movie “ pasir berbisik / whispering sand “.
Bromo Savannah ( Bromo meadow )
Bromo savannah is the wide meadow in Bromo. Not only seasand of Bromo this places also offer the different one. Also called as teletubies hill, where, in this places visitor can see the wide and green hill with the sub tropis grass surrounding.
Ranu Pani and Ranu Regulo / Pani Lakes and Regulo lakes
Located in ranupane subdistrict 2.100 meters above sea level. On the slope of Semeru volcano, the highest volcano in jawa island, there are 2 beautiful lakes Ranu pani and Ranu regulo are 6,3 hectares. In hydrology, Ranu Pani and Ranu Regulo are water catchment area. The third lake gets water when it rains (rain-fed). Also arise from seepage water is still green hills and wooded. With the green lakes and on the side of the lake there are ranupani villages where you can the people farming in the garden.there are many people that do camp and tend around ranu regulo. This places also known as starting point for climbers who want to climb Semeru volcano. There are registration office there, basecamp and local restaurant / warung.
Semeru Volcano
Semeru is the highest volcano is java / jawa island and the highest “ mahameru”( 3.676 meters ). Adventure tourist usually climb this volcano. Start from Ranu Pani subdistric – Ranu Kumbolo – Bukit Cinta – Kalimati – Mahameru ( 3 days )