About Flores Island Culture

flores island cultureFlores is culturally very diverse place. It can be roughly divided into 10 etnicities with their own languages, yet within these the languages they also differ ever so slightly between villages. Indonesia is widely spoken as well, and is the lingua france all over the island.
Like everywhere in Indonesia, religion and spirituality are an important part of life. If you engage in conversation with Indonesians, one of the very first questions will be about your agama or religion. In Flores, 90% are catholic and even in the smallest village there is a church. Muslim minorities can be found along the coast, and all biger town have mosque. Greater muslim populations can be found in Ende and Labuan Bajo.
Ancient traditions and rituals (adat) are still very much alives as well and have been interwoven into Christianity. Ofter, two opposite concept such as man and woman, eart and sky, inside and outside, form the base of these traditional beliefs. Mutually dependent, one unable to exist without the other, they form a circle of life whose continuity has to be maintained through rituals and ceremonies. Spirit, good or evil, are omnipresent and meddle with people’s lives. Regular offerings help keep them at bay. Ceremonies are held at major events in people’s live, such as birth and death, weddings, traveling and in case of illness. Communal rituals are perfomed to bless sowing, planting or harvesting. Ritual often involve animal sacrifices. Many villages have rumah adat or traditional houses which is built in an traditional way and often beautifully decorated with wooden figurines and simbol-laden carvings. Rumah adat and other sacred objects can only be made from specific species of trees.

About Flores Island

Flores Island History
Flores Island History
Before the first ships arrived, the florinese people lived in scattered village each tribe with its own social structure and traditions. Some coastal area were occupied by the makasarere and bugis from south Sulawesi which traded gold and elephant tusk for cinnamons, cotton and other goods. They also frequenly invaded flores for slave raids. In the 15th to 16th centuries eastern flores was ruled by ternate emperors from Maluku, while the west was in the hands of the sultanates of Sumbawa and Sulawesi.

flores island

Bena Village

Around 1570, the portugese disembarked on flores, drawn in by the lucrative spice trade. They brought catolicism which is still the main religion on Flores. The portugese capital was the harbor town of Larantuka. Portuguese soldiers, sailor and traders married local women and the population soon intermixed. Their descendants called themselves Larantuqueirors or topasses. They had a huge influence and controlled most of the local trade, especially the profitable sandalwood from timor.
The dutch who had arrived after the Portuguese but soon controlled most of Indonesia, wished to get rid of the Portuguese for good. After long struggles the protuguese were finaly defeated and they sold their remaining enclaves including Larantuka, retreating to east timor in 1769. The dutch, however were busy extending their influence in other parts of Indonesia and appointed local rules govern Flores. Only in 20th century did they venture to increase flores profitability and take over the rule. This was followed by a period of unrest and in 1907 tribal uprisings were suppressed with a bloody military operation
During world war II, flores was occupied briefly by the Japanese from 1942-1945. As Indonesia became independent under nationalist leader and first precident Soekarno in 1949, Flores became part of new nation. In 1966, after an attempted coup had led to the slaughter of thousands of communists by general Soeharto and his troops, soekarno surrendered the government to Soeharto. A 31 year-long military dictatorship followed. Under soeharto’s new order regime economy developed, yet opposition counter movements and freedom of specch were oppressed and corruption seethed.

Labuan Bajo Travel

komodo flores travelNusa Flores Travel is local tour operator / tour and travel based in Labuan Bajo – Flores Island – East Nusa Tenggara. Launched on 2016 to help tourist who comes to visit Labuan Bajo, Komodo and Flores island from cruise ship, Bali, Lombok and Flores island. We specialy arrange tours program to explore Varanus Komodoensis in Komodo National Parks and also Flores island as main island to cruise to Komodo Island. Komodo Flores island tours will show you many nature places likes Kelimutu lakes, Riung marine park, Bena Traditional village, Waerebo UNESCO site, religy tour in Larantuka and many more.
Why With Nusa FLores Travel ?
• No compromise on quality. Yes we could make our Komodo Tours cheaper but we will not compromise on quality so we can advertise the cheapest price.
• Small deposit to secure booking and pay the balance on your pick up ( for join in group tours we do require full payment)
• Operate by educated with tourism background graduate, have complete competence as tour guides and travel agency operator that organized by Indonesian certificate institution
• Tour Packages are flexible and according to the tourist preferences that’s why we ofer ready tour and custom tour where we decide together your program.
• Fluent English and experienced coordinators and tour guides.

Komodo Tour Packages


Komodo Fullday Tour By Speedboat ( 1 Person can Join)
Rinca Island Tour 2 Days (Live On Board)
Komodo Island Tour 3 Days (1 Night Live On Board)
Padar – Komodo Island Tour 3 Days (1 Night Live On Board)
Komodo Island Tour 3 Days By Speedboat
Komodo Complete Tour 4 Days (2 Nights Live On Board)
Komodo – Kelimutu Lake Tour 4 Days
Komodo – Waerebo Tour 4 Days

Paket Tour Flores Komodo

D1 Ende – Moni
Tiba di Bandara Aeroboesman Ende sore hari, disambut oleh lokal guide. Perjalanan menuju Moni ditempuh dalam waktu 2,5 – 3 jam. Tiba di Moni. Check in di Hotel Watugana Hidayah / sejenisnya.
D2 Kelimutu Lake Tour – Ende – Riung (B)
flores komodo tourBerkumpul di loby hotel. berangkat menuju Taman Nasional Kelimutu pukul 04:00. Tiba di Pos, melakukan trekking menuju puncak gunung Kelimutu. Menunggu matahari terbit dan akan terlihat Danau Tiga warna kelimutu yang di percaya sebagai danau orang mati oleh masyarakat Lio.
Kembali ke hotel, sarapa pagi, mandi dan check out.
Perjalanan menuju Bajawa akan di tempuh dalam waktu 7-8 jam. Dalam perjalanan akan mampir dan mengunjungi Kampung Wologai; Kampung adat orang Lio, Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno dan Pantai Batu Biru.
Sore Hari tiba di Bajawa, check in di hotel Silverin atau sejenisnya.

D3 Bajawa – Labuan Bajo (B)
Sarapan pagi di hotel dan check out. Perjalanan menuju Labuan Bajo akan ditempuh dalam waktu 7 jam perjalanan.
Dalam perjalanan mengunjungi Kampung Tradisional Bena; kampung tradisional suku ngada di Bajawa, Kota Bajawa, Proses pembuatan arak di Riung, Danau Ranamese, Persawahan seperti JAring Laba – Laba dan melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Labuan Bajo. check in di Hotel La Prima Labuan Bajo
D4 Pulau Kelor – Pulau Rinca – Pulau Padar – Pulau Kalong (BLD)
Sarapan pagi di hotel dan check out. Di drop menuju pelabuhan kapal wisata.
Dengan menggunakan kapal wisata berkabin melakukan pelayaran menuju Taman Nasional Komodo. destinasi Pertama adalah
– Pulau Kelor; Sebuah pulau kecil dengan pasir putih dan crystal water. Disini anda akan diajak snorkeling untuk melihat karang dan biota laut disekitarnya.
– Pulau Rinca; satu dari 3 Pulau di kawasan TNK yang menjadi habitat kadal Raksasa Komodo. bersama Ranger Taman Nasional anda akan diajak menyusuri rute sesuai pilihan untuk melihat Komodo dan hewan liar lainnnya.
– Pulau Padar ; Pulau dengan pemandangan menakjubkan dari bentuk pulau dengan beberapa teluk kecil disekitar Pulau ini.
– Pulau Kalong ; Pulau yang terdiri dari hutan bakau, dimana sore menjelang malam ribuan kelelawar akan keluar untuk mencari makan dan kawasan ini memiliki air yang tenang sehingga kapal akan berlabuh di sini untuk bermalam.
Makan malam di atas kapal ( bagi anda yang suka bermain gitar bisa membawa gitar anda sendiri atau alat pancing untuk memancing)
D5 Pulau Komodo – Pantai Pink – Manta Point – Pulau Kanawa – Labuan Bajo (BL)
Sarapan pagi di atas kapal sambil menikmati keindahan matahari terbit di kawasan Taman Nasional Kelimutu.
Berlayar menuju Pulau Komod; melihat aktivitas komodo di pagi hari dimana pagi hari komodo akan lebih aktif dan agresif.
Kemudian snorkeling di Pantai Pink, masih di kawasan Pulau komodo; tempat terbaik untuk snorkeling.
Mengunjungi Karang makasar dan berenang untuk melihat Manta ray di Manta Point.
Makan siang di atas kapal sambil berlayar menuju Pulau Kanawa; sebuah pulau kecil dengan basic resort, aktivitas di Pulau kanawa adalah berenang, bersantai, trekking dan snorkeling.
Sore hari, kembali ke Labuan Bajo. check in di Hotel La Prima atau sejenisnya

D6 Airport Transfer Out (B)

Acara bebas sampai jam check out. Diantar menuju pusat oleh – oleh khas Labuan Bajo. transfer out Bandara Komodo.

Harga Paket Wisata Termasuk :
Kendaraan Avanza selama perjalanan
Airport Transfer In / Out
4 malam menginap di hotel yang tertera di Itinerary
1 malam Menginap di atas Kapal
1 Kapal wisata Komodo; 2 Cabin dan fasilitas sharing bath room, Sun deck dan tempat makan
Semua Tiket masuk destinasi yang tertera di Itinerary
Makan yang tertera di Itinerary
1 Orang Tour Guide
1 Orang Ranger Taman Nasional Komodo di Pulau Rinca
1 Orang Ranger Taman Nasional Komodo di Pulau Komodo
Air Mineral selama perjalanan

Harga Paket Wisata Tidak Termasuk :
Optional Tour lainnya
Pengeluaran Pribadi
Makan yang tidak tertera di itinerary

Flores Komodo Tour Package

Flores Komodo Island Tour Package 8 Days

Start : Maumere Airport
Finish : Labuan Bajo Airport
Price : please contact us 
 Flores Komodo Island Tour Package 8 Days Tour itinerary

flores komodo island tour package 8 daysDay 1 Maumere Airport – Nilo Hill – Koka Beach – Moni (B)
– Meeting service with our guide in Maumere airport.
– Maumere Sightseeing, drive to Moni Area. On the way stop over in  Koka Beach; beautiful white sand beach located in Wolowire.
– Late afternoon check in at Hotel Bintang Lodge / Estevania Lodge / Andis Lodge Moni.
Day 2 Kelimutu Lake Tour – Wologai Village – Riung (B)
– Depart early morning at 4.30AM to see the sunrise at Kelimutu Three Colored Crater lakes.
– Stop over at Waturaka Village and soft trekking 2km to Murekeba Waterfall.
– Back to hotel, breakfast, shower and check out.
– On the way b to Ende visit Wologai Traditional Village; centuries old traditional Lio house silently reveal an ancient through dilcate patterns that are engraved on many parts of their structures. Captivating agrarian panoramas and its traditional of ikat waeving.
– Ende Sightseeing afterwards continue drive to Riung.
– Stop over in Blue stone beach, in the late afternoon check in at Pondok SVD Riung / Nirvana Bungalow.
Day 3 Riung 17 Island Marine Park Tour
– Breakfast at hotel, transfer to Riung harbor.
– Take a wooden boat to explore Riung 17 island marine park. First stop in Ontoloe Island; wathing flying foxes. Swimming / snorkeling in Rutong and Meja island.
– Stop in Tiga island for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.
– Having lunch in Tiga Island where you will have fresh grilled fishes.
– Back to Riung and return to hotel
Day 4 Riung – Bajawa
– Drive up to Bajawa and visit Mengeruda Hot spring; warm water that flow from a natural spring to a river
– Bajawa city sightseeing and tasting famous Bajawa coffee
– Check in at hotel Silverin Bajawa and free program.
Day 5 Bajawa Bena Traditional Village – Aimere – Ruteng (B)
– Morning visit to Bena Traditional Village; a traditional village most visited and its famous with impressive stone formations, ancestral shrines, Ngadanese-style houses and its traditional way of life.
– Drive to Airmere, stop over to taste the famous local arak distillation.
– Visit Ranamese Lakes; a hiden gem in a thick jungle located on 1200m above sea level before arrive in Ruteng.
– Check in at Hotel Sky Flores Ruteng.
Day 6 Ruteng – Labuan Bajo (B)
– After breakfast, starting the tour by visiting Golo Curu where can see very nice view of Ruteng and rice terrace.
– Visit Ruteng Pu’u traditional houses of Manggarai tribes, driving to Cancar to see unique spider web rice field.
– Check in at hotel Laprima Labuan Bajo and free program.
Day 7 Komodo Fullday Tour
– Pick up service your hotel around Labuan Bajo at 05:15 -05:30.
– Depart from Labuan Bajo Harbor to Komodo National Park (2 hours)
Visits :
Padar Island ; trekking to the view point to see its beautiful island covered by savanna.
Komodo Island / Loh Liang ; trekking to see Komodo Dragons / Varanus Komodoensis / Ora in wild life.
Pink Beach ; snorkeling / swimming / relax on the beach.
– Depart to Kanawa island while have lunch.
Kanawa Island ; trekking / snorkeling / swimming and relax on the white sandy beach.
– Return back to Labuan Bajo harbor and transfer to hotel
Day 8 Airport Transfer (B)
– Breakfast at hotel, loading luggage and check out
– Transfer to the airport

Tour included  :
Private car during tour with personal driver,
Acommodations Listed in Itinerary
Private Boat for Riung 17 Island Marine Park
Entrancee Fee all destination listed in Itinerary
Tour guide
Snorkeling equipment
Sharing Speedboat Komodo Tour
Meals Listed in tour itinerary B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = Dinner

Tour excluded Personal expenses, optional tour and tiping