Cepi Watu Beach And Festival

Cepi Watu Beach and Festival
Cepi Watu is a beautiful beach where part of the beach on the west side covered by stones and the other side covered by sand. The stones abundance on the beach has made the name of the beach Cepi Watu means plenty of stones. On Sundays, Cepi Watu is melting spot for everyone to chil out and leads to epidemic of swimming, fishing, boat sailing or just enjoying the breath of fresh air with plenty of shady place to spread out and relax with family or friends. Cepi watu beach is within 5 minutes drive from Borong. There are many caf├ęs and bars around the beach which open in the afternoons until midnight. Cepi Watu festival held in August each year to perform art and culture show from all regions in east Manggarai Regency following celebration of Indonesian independence day. Cepi watu festival is a stage for artisans like folk singers and traditional dancers, both individuals or group during the evening show. The festival perform in three days. This is a great moment for everyone to chilled out and enjoy the fiesta.