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Cunca Rede Waterfall

Cunca Rede Waterfall

cunca rede waterfall
Cunca Rede is a waterfall which is located at Sano Lokom village of Borong Sub-district. The waterfall is flowing down from a river that is surrounded by thick forest. Cunca Rede falls has 10 meters high, the waterfall has beautiful panorama. When the water is cascading down to a pool, it remains echoed sound from beyond and afterward foams fly up the pool to the air forming a rainbow as it touched by sunshine. Ricefield terraces on riverbanks and coffee plantations on mountain slopes create a spectacular vista around the waterfall. Cunca rede ca be accessed from Borong within 25 kilometers in 45 minutes drive.

Updated: March 15, 2016 — 8:56 am
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