Foy Doa

foy doa musicNgada Regency – Flores that is capitalized Bajawa have a wide variety of local arts. include music Foy Doa. How long it takes ages music Foy Doa is not known with certainty because there are no relics that can be used to measure it. Foy Doa means double flute of reed / small bamboo join two or more.. This music is usually used by the young people in folk games in the evening with a circle. System tuning the tones produced by musical Foy Doa is the single tones and dual tones or two voices, this right depends on the tastes of the musician Foy Prayer.
Poems, mostly poems of singing Doa theme music Foy life, as an example: Kami bhodha ngo kami bhodha ngongo ngangi rupu-rupu, go-tuka ate wi me menge, which means we have to work diligently in order not to starve. How to Play, Breathe gentle breeze from the mouth to the hole blower, while the fingers of the right and left closing the earpiece. Music development Foy Doa, this music developt about 195. the local area to merging with other musical instruments such as: Sowito, Thobo, Foy Pai, Dera Profit and Profit Toka. The function of the instruments mentioned above are as the musical accompaniment Foy Doa.