Jakarta National Museum

Jakarta National Museum
Location : Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12 Central Jakarta
Jakarta National museum initially opened in 1778, it is the oldest and biggest museum in Indonesia. Museum which is also called the elephant museum has served preservation of Indonesia cultural heritage for more than two countries besides functioning as the center for cultural heritage learning and educative and recreational information. The National Museum now manages 141,000 collections from many parts in the country and beyond. Among the collections as well as their written histories. The collections are categorized into prehistoric, archeological, numismatic-heraldic, historic, ethnography and geography.
The Collection Of Jakarta National Museum
Korwar Statue
Korwar statue made of wood, clay, cotton cloth, rope and skull was found in Biak and Papua. It was usually placed inside a house or grave-yard. It functions as a tool to mediate the living family with their departed relatives. It may also become an amulet to bring down rain, protecting from evil spirit and safety reason.
A gold crown with motif of leaves and open-twisted plants and beautifully decorated with diamond is predicted to belong sultan of Banten who was defeated and removed from his kingdom in 1832. The 1,700AD, gold and silver crown also has silver headgear, filled with nicely gold-ribbon waving. The crown reflects the strong Islamic influences from Banten Sultanate at that moment.
Maitreya statue is built in sitting position, of which both of arms amd foots are no longer complete. The statue is mainly influenced by the art of sculpture during the reign of Sailendra Dynasty that covered Central Java in the 8-9th century. A high –styled hair yet some falling on the shoulder and a robbon ornament on the chest confirm the strong influence from sailendra dynasty. The bronze statue was found in the mouth of Komering River, Palembang and created by local sculptor using high quality technique similar artistic the stone statues of Central Java.

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