Ka Sao Bajawa Ceremony

Ka sao is a ceremony to celebrate a newly restored traditional house in Bajawa – Ngada. The rite starts with tau tibo where by tasks among counity members are distributed. The next day is usually devoted to Jai a comunical dance accompanied by percussive rhytems of gongs and drumbs. As the music goes at the background, one family followed by another contributes rice, palm wine and sirih pinang, while others hsndover water buffalod or pigs as the donation. At susk, the meat of the sacrificed pigs is served.
In the meantime, the clan most important individuals gather inside the new building for the sacred teka wunu waru ritual. They sit on the wooden floor in a cicrcle, face the elder and basket filled with cassava, corn, betel leaf, grains and a carving tools. They rise at the chant the house making steps while stamping their feet rhythmically: an expression of the room and its heart read to forecast the ceremony events. Following this, all participants perform teke dance and chant around the fire-lit village yard until dawn.
The following moorning buffalos are sacrificed at the male ancestral shrine- Ngadhu. Hundreds of the community members including tourist garther and watch with fearful eyes as each buffalos is sacrificed by the appointed tribesmen who must do it in single machete strike on the animals neck. Once done, members of the clan wil rub their blood onto the shrine as a asymbol of kasih makan nenek moyang ( feeding the ancestors)