Kelimutu Three Coloured Lakes


Kelimutu is the name of three colour lakes that lie on the top of a mountain. 64 km from Ende on the hight of 1,600 km above sea level. The lakes are said to be the wonder of the world because of their strikingly inique colours. Kelimutu is one of volcanoes in Flores that classified as a C type according to the volcanic service reports. The peak of the mountain lies longitudinally from the northwest to southeastward. At its base wild pines that grow thickly.
Because of the uniqueness of the lakes the villagers call the red one as tiwu ata polo( the lake for the bad spirit or ghosts), the blue lakes as tiwu nuwa muri koo fai(the lake of the youths), and the white one as tiwu ata mbupu(the lake of the old people).