Laing Lewe Beach
If Laing Lewe beach means long sandy beach, absolutely it is true. This is based on fact that most beaches surface around Flores island are rocky, hilly and covered by stones. Anyway, Laing Lewe beach has different panorama. It has white sand along the beach which stretches around 3km away. The beach surface is flat and there are hillsideon beyond. Laing Lewe beach has pure white sand and clear waters that makes it look very beautiful. There are many pine and coconut trees grow along the beach. The beach is a good place for diving and snorkeling to see its underwater vista. Visitors could see the beauty of coral reefs on sea bottom even from boat with eyes. Laing Lewe beach is located in Flores sea nort of east Manggarai Regency. It is 5km away from dampek fishermens village. If you plan to visit Laing Lew, take a tour through Ruteng to Reo and then to dampek which take one hour. the boat tariff is about Rp 200.000 for round trip, depends on how long you will be there and you may negociate it first. It is great adventure, and be sure to bring your swim wears and dive equipment.