Lengko Ajang Church
Lengko ajang church was built in between 1925-1927 by a German missionary the late Priest Wilhelmus Jansen SVD. The church is one of the oldest church in Flores and Manggarai regency. The church has neo gothic and Manggarai traditional architecture combinations of European and Manggarai traditional building. It has pointed and round roof, long and oval building, and curved doors and windows which is similar to the churches in Europe.the wood construction on the main tower inside the church is identical with the construction of traditional house (drum house) of Manggaraians which looks like a spiderweb named lodok Lingko. There are five towers on the top of it. The church is 25 meters long and 16 meters wide , the height at the main tower is 18 meters. Lengko ajang church can be reached by cars and motorcycles from Borong or Ruteng within 2-3 hours drive.