Mount Poco Ndeki

mount poco ndeki
Mount Poco Ndeki is rich in flora and fauna. Climbing to the top of Poco Ndeki will take visitors to a site where they would be amazed by existence of Watu Embu Kodi Haki (penis stone) and watu embu Kodi Fai (vagina stone). The penis stone stand vigorously on piles of stone and soil, so surrounding is situated like a burial plot which can be shaken and rotated to all direction bu can not pull out from where it stands. Nearby the stone, there is vagina stone which is triangle in shape and its surface is always wet through it is situated inside a drive cave. Both stone are believed to have magic power to bring up rains and the fertile to the lands of local people. Therefor they used to make rituals at the stones to ask for rains and good harvests. Climbing mount Poco Ndeki start from Sere village, 10 kilometers east Borong, it will takes two hours climb up to the top.