Ngada Ethnic In Flores Island

Ngada Regency is one of 9 regencies in Flores Island. Ngada Regency is located in the middle of Flores Island with Bajawa as the Capital. Located between 8 ° -9 ° south latitude and 120 ° 45 ° – 121 ° 50 ° east longitude. North part borders the Flores Sea, Southern part bordering Sawu Sea , The eastern part with Nagekeo District and the western part bordering Manggarai Regency.
Ngada Regency was formed In 1958, Ngada t is a combination of three swapraja; swapraja Riung, Nagekeo (now NagekeoRegency) and bajawa which is nominated by ethnic Ngadha. Ngada is taken from the name of an ethnic group that existed since the time of the Dutch East Indies government (Onderafdeling Ngada). Ngadha is the name of one of the Woos (tribes) that exist in the culture of Reba (Ngadha culture / Ngadhu-Bhaga culture). The tribes in the Ngadha culture inhabited the areas of the 5 (five) sub-districts surrounding the Inerie mountain. 5 (five) sub-districts that became the territorial distribution of Ngadha culture are sub-district of Nort Bajawa, Jerebuu sub-district, Golewa sub-district and Aimere sub-district. Ngada cultural society has a basic teaching called Su’I Uwi. Ngadha / Ngada means seeing or looking up perpendicularl. Ngadha is linked to the activities of the Ngadha culture people when showing the offerings, especially in various traditional ceremonies, usually people recite the customary prayer by tilting their faces upward while saying a prayer to ask for a certain kind of forgiveness