Rana Tonjong Lake
Rana Tonjong is one of many wonderful natural beauty of East Manggarai Regency. This lake is different from other lakes because inside the lake grows many giant lotus or tonjong in local language. Rana Tonjong is not that large with only 2200 meter square width where it is situated in a bank of valley and surrounded by hills and rice terrace. The lake surface is fully covered by Giant Lotus (Victoria amazonica) that we can not see water underneath. The giant lotus bloom each year in april untul May. There are nuts inside the bud of a bloosomed Lotus which can be eaten and taste like peanuts. Rana Tonjog is located at Pota a small district on the nort of East Manggarai Regency. Rana Tonjong lake can be visited by car or motorcycle from Borong it will takes 5 hours drive. Otherwise from Ruteng the Capital of Manggarai it takes 4 hours drive. Visitors sometimes go by boat from Labuan Bajo which takes one day.