Rinca Island

Rinca island
rinca islandRinca is name of the island in West Flores. Rinca island come into Komodo Sub-district – West Manggarai Regency – East of Nusa Tenggara. This is one of the main island in Komodo National Park. Loh liang in local language means Komodo egg are the main entrance for visitor who want to see Komodo Dragon in wild life. There are two small village in Rinca island called Rinca village and Kerora village. The local peoples here work as fisherman that usually go fishing at night and comeback in the morning. Dora ora or Komodo is is the highest land in this island (670m asl). There are 2,400 komodos live in this island. Besides that, some wild animals like some species of birds, coctatoos, imperial pigeons, black-naped orioles, sunbirds, egrets, frigate birds, quail, black drongos and exotic mound-building megapodes. A variety of mammals-including wild herds of small sandalwood horses, wild pigs, crab-eating macaques, buffalo, timor deer, flying foxes and feral dogs. Reptiles representing a range of small lizard and geckos, two species of frogsa, green snakes, cobras and vipers. To reach this island visitor usually rent a locals wooden boat from Labuan Bajo.