Watu Pajung Beach
Watu Pajung is white sandy beach which is located 5km east of Pota on the nortern coastline of east manggarai regency. Watu Pajung serves visitors with its beautiful panorama. It has white sans along coast and high rocks on behind. Thick jungle, rock holes and savanna around Watu Pajung Beach is a place where the giant Komodo dragon used to live. Watu pajung means umbrella stone, which is the name of back rock stands on the beach side which looks like an opened umbrella. The wave here is relatively calm, which is ideal for swimming. The perfect time to visit Watu Pajung is in the afternoon, when the glimmering sunset touching the sparkling sea and portraying a magnificent golden effects of light on the wall of rocks. Watu Pajung beach is 130 km away from Borong, it takes 4 hours drive and it is about 95 km from Ruteng though Reo, which takes about 3 hours drive.