Kelimutu Lake Tour

Flores derived from the word ‘Flower’; it is because the Flores Island is as beautiful as flower. The derivation name was given by the second pope in his visit to this island. He was interested to the beauty of the island that he called this island with the name of ‘Flores’.kelimutu lake tour
Flores is divided into some areas that in one area called Ende where the Kelimutu Lakes are placed. The lakes are placed in the center of three volcanoes of the Kelimutu Mountain. People of Ende gives names to the three lakes each, the first is called ‘Tiwu Ata Mbupu’ (the lake of people’s spirits), the second is ‘Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai’ (
The lake of youngs’ spirits), and the third is ‘Tiwu Ata Polo’ (the lake of witch and witches’ spirits). The first and the second lakes are placed side by side and near to each other, while the third lake is placed rather far at about 1,5 kilometers away in the west of the two other lakes. The lakes are naturally miraculous lakes that the water changes into different colors periodiccally. The second lake is the lake which changes the color of its water more often than the other lakes; it can change color twelve times in twenty five years. A morning time is the most right moment to experience this naturally miraculous lake and the most right place to see the lakes is in the peak of the Mount Kelimutu.

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